Heroes of Hope: Virtual Kumustahan 2022 with BayaniPay and Childhope

Naturally, we want to go above and beyond when we want to help someone, whether it’s a member of our family, a relative, or someone else. This is why making donations to non-government organizations (NGOs) like Childhope Philippines or other charitable causes more accessible is significant in the modern world. And this was the focus of the “Heroes of Hope: Virtual Kumustahan” event between BayaniPay and Childhope Philippines last August 16, 2022.

To give you a background of why the virtual meeting was significant, one needs to take into account how expensive it is to send money abroad. According to Forbes Advisor, “transaction costs for international money transfers average 6%, the World Bank says—meaning if you send $1,000 to a friend overseas or a relative back in your family’s home country, it could cost you $60.” Therefore, everyone, especially Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), appreciates learning about more affordable ways to donate.

It goes without saying that we don’t want to be charged extra for anything we pay for, especially when sending money abroad. In light of this, the virtual meeting was held with the goal of Childhope and BayaniPay making it easier to transfer donations from international to local.

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Successful Virtual Meeting of Childhope Philippines and BayaniPay

As mentioned above, the virtual meeting with BayaniPay representatives on August 16, 2022 was held through Zoom and Facebook Live. Attendees included Ms. Ana Alvarez, Account & Business Development Manager, and Ms. Therese Pamo, Associate Brand Manager, both of whom were members of the BayaniPay team. The Childhope Philippines team, on the other hand, was represented in the virtual meeting by Ms. Mylene Lagman, Resource Mobilization & Communications Manager, and Jemcy Tumbaga, Resource Mobilization & Communications Officer.

Along with Hannah Arnold, the Binibining Pilipinas 2021 ambassadress for Childhope Philippines, other people from the Philippines and the United States attended the “Heroes of Hope: Virtual Kumustahan” event. Dr. Herbert Q. Carpio, the executive director of Childhope Philippines, and Samuel D. Guevarra, the chairman of Childhope Philippines, were also present.

The Childhope team and BayaniPay representatives were able to successfully communicate their goal of streamlining the application process for any kindhearted donors or those considering using the BayaniPay App.

virtual kumustahan guest hannah arnold childhope ambasador

Virtual Kumustahan Aimed to Strengthen the Partnership Between Childhope Philippines and BayaniPay

Childhope Philippines was able to share more information about its advocacy efforts and project initiatives for street children in Metro Manila thanks to the virtual kumustahan. In addition, BayaniPay—named after the Filipino word for “hero”—spoke about the innovative financial services it provides for people working abroad.

BayaniPay serves the Filipino American community, which is the third-largest Asian American group in the United States. In the virtual meeting, it was also covered how BayaniPay services provide OFWs in the U.S. with the simplest and least expensive way to send money to their loved ones via the BayaniPay app.

Our Kababayans in the U.S. will not only benefit from zero-cost remittances with market-leading foreign currency rates when transferring money to the Philippines via BayaniPay. They can also make donations to NGOs such as Childhope without incurring additional fees or levies. OFWs from California, Alaska, Hawaii, and New Jersey in the United States who want to donate to Childhope Philippines can do so by downloading and registering at this link: and entering the referral code CHAP95 when registering.

This type of innovation enables Childhope Philippines to connect with a larger group of potential donors who are interested in helping the organization fight to alleviate the hardships faced by street children. BayaniPay is more than just a provider of online financial services; they genuinely want to improve our lives while also giving back to the community.

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Bring Hope to Street Children Through Online Donation

One of the topics covered during the virtual meeting was the fact that if you donate using the BayaniPay app while also entering the Childhope Philippines invite code (CHAP95), the foundation will receive a $25 referral bonus. That means Childhope Philippines will receive ₱1,476.19 (one dollar equals 59.05 pesos as of September 28, 2022) for each user who registers for BayaniPay using Childhope Philippines’ invite code.

The Childhope Philippines’ team discussed what will happen with the additional funds they will receive from the BayaniPay App during the virtual kumustahan. These contributions will be added to the funds that will provide street children with:

  1. Access to meals, vitamins, and basic medicines.
  2. Better access to primary health care services and improved health status.
  3. Access to the internet and technology for learning.
  4. To develop a sense of self-confidence and self-esteem.
  5. Access to school supplies and other materials.
  6. Access to other social welfare services through the various projects of Childhope Philippines Foundation.

Not only can you help by simply using the Childhope Philippines invite code; With BayaniPay, you can also manage your finances through an all-digital platform that includes branchless 24/7 banking, faster and more secure remittances to family members back home, and purchase rewards. The initiative’s goal is to make it simple for OFWs living in the United States to donate to street children.

To see collaboration with a financial technology company such as BayaniPay with NGOs like Childhope Philippines is truly inspiring. Such innovation of making the donation process go global is proof that even from successful companies to an ordinary person, there are a lot of tools we can use to share our resources to people like street kids who are in need of help.

Donate to Childhope Philippines with the Simply Unique BayaniPay App

Donating is important especially for street children, as it not only provides them with practical aid but also a sense of community. This shows them that there are folks out there that are eager to lend a hand. And, as they continue to grow as individuals, it serves as motivation for them to keep going and move forward.

Since 2013, Childhope Philippines Foundation Inc. has supported more than 10,000 street kids. In 2022, even six of them earned their college degrees. They serve as proof that your contribution or assistance, no matter how small or large, will have a significant impact on and possibly even improve the life of a street child.

With that, we encourage you to be one of those people who share their blessings in order to bring light and hope to the Philippines’ street children. Moreover, if you live in the United States, we highly recommend you to use and send your donation through the BayaniPay app by signing up right away.

Now is the time to partner with or donate to Childhope Philippines!

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