TELUS International Philippines Launches “Step It Forward” Program to Help Street Children Learn Dance Genres

TELUS International Philippines, in collaboration with Childhope Philippines, recently launched its much-awaited CSR project, named ‘Step It Forward’. This program aims to to help street children in Metro Manila by providing them with dance tutorials in various genres, teaching them the different styles and allowing them to learn the steps on their own.

The launch of the program was held on April 15 at the TELUS International Philippines McKinley Branch in Taguig City. ‘Step It Forward’ is expected to run for five Saturdays beginning in April 15 to May 20 (except April 22); and will be attended by 36 street children from different areas in Metro Manila who will participate in the program.

children dancing tinikling at the step it forward program

‘Step It Forward’: What’s in Store for the Participants

Every week, the children will be taught by different groups of volunteers from TELUS International Philippines. Throughout the duration of the program, the children will learn a wide range of dance genres and styles as well as different values formation.

The program will culminate in a grand competition on May 20, where the 36 children will be divided into six groups and will compete against each other. This competition aims to showcase the children’s newfound talent in dancing, as well as to promote camaraderie and teamwork among them.

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telus teaching children from childhope philippines to dance

How Does Dance Help Child Development?

The ‘Step It Forward’ program underscores the value of dance in the development of children. Granted, education primarily assumes the role of the most important component of children’s development. However, dance can also bring forth benefits to the youngsters.

For one, while physical fitness is the main benefit of dance for children, such activity also improves their other faculties. Aside from their flexibility, balance, and coordination, children can also develop their emotionality, dedication, confidence, and discipline when engaging in dance activities. All these can become transferrable skills that they can later on apply in school and other aspects of their everyday lives.

In line with this, TELUS International Philippines’ ‘Step It Forward’ program is a testament to their commitment to supporting the community, especially the less fortunate children. Through this program, the company hopes to empower and inspire these children, helping them to build their self-esteem and confidence.

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children from childhope philippines taking part in step it forward program

Partner with Childhope Philippines’ Today to Benefit the Less Fortunate

As an initiative that focuses on the well-being of the less fortunate children, TELUS International Philippines’ ‘Step It Forward’ is just one of the many programs that Childhope Philippines can get behind.

If you are interested in contributing your resources and efforts to our advocacy, you can check our website today to either donate or volunteer to Childhope Philippines. You can also check our Facebook page for more information. Together, let’s work to advocate for the betterment of the street children’s lives.

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