Young Entrepreneurs Get Inspired and Empowered at Go Negosyo Event

Manila, Philippines – Eight aspiring young entrepreneurs from Childhope Philippines’ Young Entrepreneur Group (YEG) participated in the Go Negosyo event, which was held last February 10, 2024. The Go Negosyo event allowed the attendees to gain valuable insights and inspiration from successful business leaders, while also unlocking their entrepreneurial potential to explore diverse business opportunities along the way.

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Young Entrepreneur Group from Childhope Philippines

About Childhope Philippines’ Young Entrepreneur Group (YEG)

The Young Entrepreneur Group (YEG) is a project of Childhope Philippines that aligns with the Project Bamboo, which empowers street youth from underprivileged areas in Metro Manila to become successful entrepreneurs.

Through workshops, mentoring, and access to resources, the program equips young individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to launch and grow their own businesses, creating a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

What is Project Bamboo?

Project Bamboo provides street youth with the opportunity to address their economic needs in practical ways. This undertaking aims to equip street youth with vocational and technical skills that would allow them to become gainfully employed or to establish their own business enterprise in the future.

Under Project Bamboo, the ones in charge of the livelihood trainings will be facilitators and resource persons from partner nongovernment organizations that run social enterprises. They’ll also come from small businesses, owners who are willing to impart their knowledge and expertise on making different products which they sell for a living.

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Go Negosyo Event: How Childhope Philippines Empowers their Advocacies

The Go Negosyo event allowed the young participants, all part of Project Bamboo, to gain valuable insights they could apply. The activities spanned the following:

Hear Inspirational Talks from Established CEOs

The event featured renowned business leaders who shared their journeys and offered practical advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Their stories and experiences served as a powerful motivator for the young minds, igniting their passion and confidence in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Receive Individual Business Mentoring

Seasoned mentors provided personalized guidance and support to each YEG member, helping them refine their business ideas, address potential challenges, and develop a roadmap for success. This individualized attention allowed the young entrepreneurs to gain valuable insights tailored to their specific goals and aspirations.

Explore a Vibrant Business Exhibit Area

The event showcased a diverse range of businesses from various industries, offering the YEG members a glimpse into the vast possibilities available in the entrepreneurial world. This exposure helped them identify potential business opportunities that aligned with their interests and skills, laying the groundwork for their future ventures.

Learning and Growing

Finally, the YEG members actively engaged in the mentoring sessions, asking insightful questions and eagerly absorbing the knowledge shared by their mentors. They learned key lessons such as the importance of avoiding unnecessary competition, building self-confidence, and persevering through challenges to achieve their desired outcomes.

All these underscore Childhope’s commitment to their advocacies. From their education programs to livelihood programs, Childhope continues to help ease the problems of the community brought by poverty, while also aiming to share knowledge on how to forge businesses that would help families to earn.

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Support Childhope Philippines’ Advocacy Toward a More Sustainable and Brighter Future for the Youth

With the current issues that trigger problems for the poor, it’s easy for them to lose hope. Fortunately, through their participation in the Go Negosyo event, the YEG members gained valuable knowledge, practical skills, and a renewed sense of motivation to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations. The event equipped them with the confidence and resources they need to navigate the business world and ultimately turn their dreams into reality.

Be an agent of change today and leave a mark on other people’s lives. Support our initiative to provide quality education and together, let’s bring hope and a better life to them. Donate to Childhope Philippines now.

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