Overcoming Adversity: Street Youth of Metro Manila Receive Vocational-Technical Training Certificates, Paving the Way for a Brighter Future

Childhope Philippines Foundation and the Asian Community Center (ACC21) of Japan have successfully produced a new batch of street youth graduates under Project Bamboo. Fifteen (15) youths who were once unschooled have undergone months of several vocational-technical trainings. This street youth certification, in turn, now makes them certified Food and Beverage and Barista specialists ready for work.

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Childhope Providing Hope for Unschooled Youths in Collaboration with ACC21

The recognition of the graduates was led by Melchor Amante, the Project Officer of Project Bamboo, at the organization’s headquarters in Paco, Manila. According to Mr. Amante, these youths may have missed out on schooling, but they found hope in vocational-technical education through this joint project with ACC21.

Mr. Michio Ito, the President of ACC21, wrote a message for the participants in which he extended his congratulations and stressed the significance of consistent learning and working towards their aspirations. He encouraged the graduates to continue their journey in learning and persevere in pursuing their dreams. He advised them to give their best effort in studying and learning, assuring them that their dreams would ultimately come to fruition. “Do your best in studying and learning! Your dream will come true,” said Mr. Ito in his message.

To cap off the event, Mr. Armavin Balza, Childhope’s Program Manager for Street Education and Protection, expressed his genuine gratitude to the graduates for selecting the program as their second home. He stressed the significance of taking the valuable lessons and good values that the organization had instilled in them with them. Additionally, he reminded the graduates that even if they had skipped the entire schooling process, they could still achieve their desired jobs through Project Bamboo.

Testimonials from the Graduates: The Youths Speak Up

Genesis Chido, one of the graduates of the Food and Beverage course, expressed her great joy upon successfully graduating from Project Bamboo. She conveyed her heartfelt gratitude to everyone who played a part in the project’s success and acknowledged their hard work and dedication. She shared her plans for the future, which include pursuing her regular schooling and utilizing the skills and knowledge gained from Project Bamboo to establish a small business. She aims to gradually expand her business and extend assistance to those in need.

Another participant, Mary Jane Dizon, completed two courses, namely Food and Beverage and Barista. She expressed her hope that her completion of the courses under the project would help her create a brighter future for her family. She appreciates the opportunity to enhance her skills and believes that this will be instrumental in accomplishing her aspirations. Dizon intends to utilize the knowledge gained from Project Bamboo to establish her own business, reflecting her enthusiasm for learning and entrepreneurship.

One of the highlights of the event was the showcasing of the success story of a former participant, Almira Mae Cuvera. In 2019, Almira completed the Food and Beverage course and was able to apply the knowledge gained to continue pursuing a degree in Hospitality Management at STI Manila. She currently works at a popular convenience store in the country while continuing her studies. In addition to celebrating the newly graduated students, this was another noteworthy aspect of the event.

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What is Vocational Education?

Vocational education refers to a form of education and training that focuses on developing specific skills, knowledge, and competencies required for a particular occupation or trade. It is designed to prepare individuals for employment in a specific industry or profession.

By emphasizing on practical, hands-on training instead of general academic education, vocational education gives the learners a more direct access to a career they can take part in right away

As Childhope Philippines and ACC21 zeroes in on giving underprivileged youths the chance to build a better life for them and their families, both organizations see the importance of vocational education as a bridge for these once-unschooled children.

Education Programs of Childhope Philippines: Youth Empowerment Project

With our Street Education and Protection (STEP) Program, Childhope Philippines actively executes KalyEskwela, which literally translates to “school on the streets.” This part of the program uses a mobile van with audiovisual equipment to conduct alternative education sessions and basic literacy and numeracy classes. Under the DepEd-accredited Alternative Learning System (ALS), street children and youth learn through modules guided by our street educators trained as instructional managers.

We also provide educational aid to children who go back to the formal school system. For our older participants, we conduct the Youth Empowerment Project, a trade and tech skills training designed to help them gain income to support themselves and their families.

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Support Project Bamboo’s Street Youth Certification Trainings by Donating to Childhope

With the current issues that trigger problems for the poor, it’s easy for them to lose hope. But having organizations such as like Childhope Philippines whose mission is to provide gives a glimpse of hope toward change.

Be an agent of change today and leave a lasting impact on other people’s lives. Support our initiatives to provide quality education and together, let’s bring hope and a better life to them. Donate to Childhope Philippines now.

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