Louise Nicole Angingan

“Capturing Hope: My Heartwarming Experience with Street Children at Childhope Philippines Foundation Inc.”

Each day, as I walked in and out of the Childhope office, I was determined to gain new insights in every possible way—whether it was knowledge, skills, perspectives, or, most importantly, values. I remember telling myself these words when I decided to intern and was fortunate enough to be welcomed as a student intern at the Childhope Philippines Foundation. Looking back, I can confidently say that it was a decision I’ll never regret. I am incredibly thankful for the transformation I underwent in those 200 hours. Join me as I revisit the meaningful experiences, I had within the embrace of Childhope.

On our first day at Childhope, I immediately felt the welcoming atmosphere as all the employees were friendly and greeted us warmly. We also had a proper orientation and a tour of the entire office area to get to know the team. This is where I realized that our work here would be lighter, not just because of the tasks, but due to the positive working environment with everyone. I’m delighted to be part of a team that is genuinely hardworking, with a mindset focused on the welfare of street children. Whether it’s staying late, working on weekends, enduring the heat in the area– everything. Every day after a full day’s work, you leave brimming with hope for humanity because of them. It’s truly amazing how such a mindset is easily embraced by the employees.

Out of all the experiences I had during my 200-hour internship, my most cherished moments were the times I spent outside the office area, engaging with the beneficiaries – the street children. I had the privilege of participating in KalyEskwela, where I had the chance to teach the children on various subjects relevant to their lives. I also had the opportunity to join Kalyenderia, witnessing the children receive meals that would nourish their bodies for the day. Participating in different outreach programs and activities alongside sponsors, donors, and fellow volunteers was truly rewarding.

One of my main responsibilities at Childhope was to document moments through photography. This role opened my eyes to the fact that my photographs were more than just social media posts; they captured the genuine smiles of children who were truly grateful for what they received. Witnessing older children reminding their peers to say “thank you” resonated with me deeply. It highlighted the values and character instilled by Childhope. At that moment, I found myself unable to suppress a heartfelt smile, which truly serves as evidence of the significant influence the organization has on these children’s lives.

As an intern, it has been an honor to be a part of this incredible team, even if only for a short period. I’ve grown fond of them, especially the children, because Childhope has been one of the reasons for me to change my perspective about street children. Childhope has shattered the stereotypes about them. All the children here are kind, respectful, obedient, proactive, content, and above all, grateful. Because of them, I’ve learned to be more appreciative and determined in life so that I can also contribute in my own capacity. These street children aren’t confined by their circumstances, and I hope more people will be open to that perspective. Street children have the potential to succeed, not just financially and academically, but also in terms of their values and how they perceive life.

If you’re reading my testimony and truly seeking ways to help, you might want to consider supporting Childhope. In these challenging times, Childhope relies heavily on support and assistance from individuals like us. I encourage everyone not to miss out on the opportunity to volunteer or contribute in any way possible. Any form of help matters, especially because it is for the welfare of street children. It’s an even richer experience if you can physically visit their areas, as it’s a once-in-a-lifetime encounter. The assistance you’re providing will go a long way, especially since Childhope focuses on various aspects such as education, healthcare, counseling, food distribution, and many more.

Childhope has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on me. They exemplify compassion, dedication, and the power of transforming lives. My journey with Childhope has instilled in me a profound desire to make a lasting impact on the lives of others, just as they have done for countless street children. I will forever cherish the memories and lessons I gained during my time with Childhope. Together, we can be life changers, working hand in hand to empower these remarkable street children and redefine their potential.

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