Benderie Azis

As a volunteer, I was able to meet the children, know their stories and was able to learn from them as well as they learn from us. It was difficult and tiring at first but when I saw the willingness of the children to learn and listen to us make it easy and comfortable throughout the sessions. It was a great memory and experience that we were able to teach the children and became close to them. Their genuine smiles and hugs make me feel like they made me a part of their family. Some maybe clingy but it was just the way they show love to people. For those times that I thought that people and children on the streets are bad, violent and always beg on the streets, I regret it. Through the sessions, as I became close to the children, they also open up their stories and I proved to myself that those stereotypes about them are wrong. Even it has been 300 hours of knowing each other and learning the side of each other, it will always been more than that and that is why this Internship Training at Childhope Philippines Inc. was memorable and they enlighten us that there’s still a hope for the children on street.

Benderie Azis, Volunteer

BS Development Communication Student, Batangas State University

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