Angela Kristi Mendoza

“Breaking Barriers, Building Futures: My Story with ChildHope”

I am one of those who can attest that Childhope serves as a bridge to give hope to children on the streets. In the span of one month as an intern at Childhope, I have proven that it takes a lot of effort and collaboration from many individuals to run an organization like this, but above all, they share a single goal: to give hope to children and change the course of their lives. They are the beacon of hope for countless children through programs and activities that not only last for a day but also create lasting changes in their lives.

Childhope has exposed me to a multitude of experiences that have left a profound impact on me. Participating in their weekly activities has not only allowed me to contribute to the well-being of the street children but has also provided me with a firsthand glimpse of the joy and positivity these activities bring to their lives. Witnessing the genuine smiles on the children’s faces as they engage in these activities is a heartwarming reminder of the difference that Childhope makes in their lives.

The most remarkable aspect of my time at Childhope that stands out for me is when I personally got the chance to interview Childhope beneficiaries who have progressed significantly in life. It has been eye-opening. Through these conversations, I gained a deeper understanding of the transformative power of Childhope’s initiatives. Listening to their stories of how Childhope’s support, guidance, and programs played a pivotal role in their personal development and journey towards a brighter future underscores the organization’s vital role in creating lasting change. Additionally, my time spent alongside social workers in various areas, particularly my time with Kuya Fidel in Lawton, stands out in my memory. I met numerous beneficiaries there, along with their parents. It was incredibly inspiring to witness how the children have turned their surroundings into a home they cherish. Their happiness and contentment with the gifts they receive from Childhope were evident. I learned a great deal from the stories shared by their parents, discovering the daily struggles they face. They even offered us abundant food and drinks, knowing that they could have used that for themselves, I realized that if you have something to share from your abilities, it’s possible. This aligns with Childhope’s unwavering commitment to aid these children.

Ending our internship on a positive note by participating in their mid-year report was truly fulfilling. Each department had its own set of goals that needed to be accomplished and presented meticulously. As an intern, it held immense significance for me to be part of that meeting, as every process showcased during the session was aimed at the success of programs that would benefit the children. This is where the foundation for every step towards the children’s dreams begins to take shape.

Overall, my experience at Childhope has been tremendously rewarding, as it has exposed me to the strength and resilience of these young individuals and their families, and it reaffirmed my belief in the power of compassion and dedicated efforts to create positive change.These diverse experiences have reinforced the idea that Childhope isn’t just an organization; it’s a beacon of hope that touches the lives of street children and empowers them to overcome adversity. The combination of the weekly activities and the success stories of beneficiaries showcases how Childhope’s dedication and commitment to its mission are making a significant and positive impact on the lives of those it serves.

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