AJ Faytaren

As a volunteer, it was a really great experience to be apart of Childhope Philippines. Aside from that, the interaction with humble people, the experience i have for 300 hours Internship training gave me a lot of realizations and learnings. Childhope is a non-profit organozational institution which goal is to uplift and develop the capability of the street children around Metro Manila into a holistic development by means of giving them the education on the street. Most of them have no families and living alone at the street. 

I can definitely say that is more than i thought of having these things because the reality of life cam be seen for most of the things we experienced in life. And it is a never ending process. Learning from others is a big factor of developong oneself and giving education by sharing owm experience was also a big factor for the people especially to the children of Childhope Philippines. They are making a way to be part of their lives by sharing education and blessing them with warm hearthfelt arms to let them know that they have a family in Childhope.

AJ Faytaren, Volunteer

BS Development Communication Student, Batangas State University

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