Programs and Projects


Childhope Philippines responds to the needs of street children and youth through its banner program, the Street Education and Protection (STEP) Program. Guided by the Caring-Healing-Teaching framework, the STEP Program has 4 major components which are created to provide for their holistic development—putting the best interest of the child at the center of the program:


he KalyEskwela literally translates to “school on the streets”. This is an integral part of the program wherein a mobile education van with audiovisual equipment is utilized to conduct alternative education sessions, as well as basic literacy and numeracy classes.

Non-formal education classes are conducted under the DepEd-accredited Alternative Learning System (ALS) whereby street children and youth learn through modules guided by street educators trained as Instructional Managers. Children who go back to the formal school system are provided with educational assistance.

Vocational/Technical Skills Trainings (Youth Empowerment Project) aim to provide the older children and youth participants with skills to help them gain income and financially support themselves and their families.

Psychosocial Interventions

Psychosocial Interventions include counselling beneficiaries and provision of assistance to help them cope up with the stresses and challenges that they encounter while learning. Moreover, assistance in referrals to shelters are also being provided, especially for children who are completely neglected and abandoned.

Health and Medical Services

The Mobile Health Clinic (KliniKalye) provides primary preventive medical care, consultations, and treatments to ensure that the children are healthy and in full physical capacity to learn.

Skills Development

Beneficiaries are trained in leadership, computer literacy, sports, the arts and other skills that will help them nurture the good traits they possess and apply the values they have learned in life planning.